In Loving Memory of the Pulse Shooting Victims

For those of you who don't know, a mass shooting was committed in Orlando, FL at 2:10 in the morning on June 12th. The armed gunman, named Omar Mateen, burst into the nightclub with an assault rifle and took the lives of 50 innocent people, while injuring 58 others. 

We urge you to stand strong in the face of adversity, and immerse yourself in your community from a position of love, acceptance, and humility. 

All humans, regardless of race, religion, orientation, gender identity, social status, or ability, deserve to be treated with respect and equality. We all deserve to be loved, to be celebrated, and to be who we are. 

For those of you in the Orlando area, please check out OneBlood and see how you can donate and help out the victims of the shooting. 

Please stand together, love one another, stay safe, and stay true to yourselves. 

- The Vegan In Sweatpants