Vitamin Lava

gluten free, raw, soy free 1 Serving 5 Minutes 6-7 minutes

“Sassy Pink Drink” sounds like a smoothie for sissies. This Vitamin Lava is packed with nutrients, and since the banana is the only calorie-dense ingredient in this, feel free to pack in as many bananas as you want to fulfill your calorie and carbohydrate needs.

Beets are a wonder food. They contain folic acid, cleanse the blood, are a great source of iron, and are anti-cancerous. They’re also known to help heal acne!
Beets and blood oranges can stain like it’s nobody’s business, to make sure keep them away from your clothes. So, like, you know, don’t wear a white pantsuit and roll around in a giant tub of beets and blood oranges, unless you’re going for the Tarantino look.

1/2 cup beets, diced
1 medium blood orange, rind trimmed
1 carrot, roughly chopped
1 banana, broken into pieces
3/4 cup almond milk
1 handful ice, optional
Add the beets first, then add the oranges, carrot, banana, and almond milk.
Add the ice last.
If you own a Vitamix, just put that sucker on the “smoothie” program, and you’re good to go.
If you don’t own a Vitamin, blend the smoothie until the grit from the beet is knocked out.

Got any other smoothie recipes with beets? Post them in the comments below, or let us know how you liked your Vitamin Lava!