Cantaloupe Bowls

soy free, nut free, raw, gluten free 2 Servings 5 Minutes 5 Minutes

This barely calls for a recipe. It’s such a simple, easy breakfast option for people who aren’t feeling starches or cooked food in the morning. Plus it’s a great way to prep a quick and healthy breakfast or snack for two, unless…unless you want to eat a whole cantaloupe, then dude, more power to you.

Cantaloupe is the Beyonce of fresh fruit; bright, fleshy, and beautiful. This underrated melon has it all: Betacarotene, potassium, vitamin K, magnesium, fiber, and B vitamins up the wazoo. It has also been praised for anti-inflammatory properties (think asthma, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, eczema, lupus…).
If you can afford it, try opting for organic berries. No, you won’t die if you eat conventional berries, calm down, but be sure to wash them extra well if you choose to forgo the organic ones.

1 ripe cantaloupe
1-2 cups fresh berries (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, etc)
Chia/hemp/flax seeds, optional
With a large knife (please don’t using a paring knife, for the love of God), cut the cantaloupe in half from the “north to south pole”, meaning from the stem end down.
Take a large spoon and scoop out the seeds and pulp in the center of each half, creating approximately 2 1/2” craters.
Mix and place washed berries into the craters, and serve.
For a small helping of healthy fats, sprinkle chia, hemp, or flax seeds on top.

Are the suggested berries not your thing? What about grapes? Diced apples? Miniature chainsaws? Let us know in the comments below!