Awesome YouTubers to Check Out


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, a.k.a. FullyRawKristina, has been a raw vegan for over 10 years. She suffered from hyperglycemia, and was emaciated, weak, and desperate to recover. Since switching to a raw vegan diet, Kristina has completely reversed her hyperglycemia and founded the Rawfully Organic Co-Op in Houston, Texas. Her Lebanese and Ecuadorian background show through in her recipes, which are abundant, colorful, and fresh. Best part? No pots and pans to clean. 


Brian Turner's channel, HumerusFitness, features information on vegan bodybuilding, plant-based protein sources, workout routines, and more. This dude is funny, energetic, encouraging, and is walking proof that not all vegans are emaciated skeletons. 

Bite Size Vegan

Emily Moran Barwick created Bite Size Vegan with ethics in mind. She addresses the many questions and debates revolving around the vegan lifestyle, and she provides evidence and resources with each and every argument she makes. She's a great resource for people who are curious about the ethical side of switching over to veganism.

Gary Yurofsky

Gary Yourofsky is practically the mascot for animal rights activism. His blunt, in-your-face arguments and dialogues have opened the eyes of thousands of people and helped them make the connection between what they eat and the meat and dairy industry they support. This dude's been banned from the UK, Canada, and many U.S. campuses, and has been arrested 13 TIMES, with all arrests related to protesting. Talk about die-hard. 

Unnatural Vegan

Vegan Gains

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.

Jon Venus